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Week of March 24th (Spring Break)

Updated: May 11, 2020

Its been a crazy couple of weeks, being stuck at home and not meeting with people in person has definitely been hard. I did get some work done for the project but its not as much as weeks prior. What I did this week was mainly look into what effects I would need to research and be able to create and adjust for our project. The main things I have been looking into is hair and clothing. I have found a couple of ways to bring in clothing and hair from different sources into unreal but getting it to sim could be challenging. Unreal has a physics engine for cloth but I am not sure about hair yet. My team and I are working out how we will get our animations into Unreal. This includes answering questions like- do we rig our characters in Unreal or Maya and then can we animate in Maya and then move it over to Unreal.

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